Raising the profile of human resources

How can we gain more credibility and respect for the HR function at our company?
By Brian Kreissl
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/01/2017

Question: Many of the business leaders, managers and employees in our organization don’t respect the HR department. They often treat us like we’re a clerical function and have little knowledge beyond hiring, firing, basic personnel administration and recordkeeping. What can we do to raise the profile of the HR department and gain more credibility and respect for the HR function within the company?

Answer: There is no doubt the HR profession suffers from a poor public image these days. Many managers, executives and other business professionals cling to outdated stereotypes about the nature and purpose of the “personnel” function, and many rank-and-file employees and job candidates have misconceptions about the roles and responsibilities of HR practitioners.

Many people immediately think of recruitment when they hear the term “human resources” and assume there is little more to HR than talent acquisition (not to knock recruitment, which is a challenging and respectable endeavour in its own right).