The virtue of HR governance

Meeting fiduciary responsibilities in four areas of HR.
By Valeria Garcia and Rick Headrick
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/04/2003

What is human resources governance? HR governance focuses on the process and structure used to direct and manage HR functions. An effective HR governance structure provides a framework to retain employees and meet business objectives, as well as create a system where the delivery of benefits is performed in a cost-effective manner while safe-guarding the best interests of employees and other beneficiaries.

The key to governance is defining fiduciary responsibilities and creating the structure and processes to manage these responsibilities. Ultimately, responsibility lies with an organization’s board of directors. It is the responsibility of the board to decide which duties will be delegated and then to ensure that the individuals responsible have the required knowledge and experience to perform these duties. A governance structure creates a process where these duties and responsibilities, and the individuals performing them, can be monitored and evaluated.

HR governance consists of four specific areas: