Cutting your losses (On Law)

Sometimes it’s better to offer poor performers a fistful of cash than to bother with progressive discipline
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/27/2006

Sometimes progressive discipline isn’t progressive enough. Not in terms of forward thinking, but rather in overall speed.

While every organization should have a progressive discipline policy in place, and follow it to a tee in an effort to help low performers improve, there are some rare occasions where it will be more advantageous for an employer to cut its losses, hand the troublesome employee a fistful of cash and show him the door.

After all, employers have the right to end the employment relationship at any time. The catch, of course, is that they have to give the worker reasonable notice, either in terms of time or pay in lieu of notice. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to determine exactly how much notice is appropriate.