Quality and healthy workplaces: HR must play a critical role

HR can help drive the cultural change necessary to reach high levels of excellence
By Kathryn Cestnick
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/09/2006

Enlightened organizations know that fostering a quality and healthy workplace environment helps to retain the brightest and the best employees, creates a culture that ensures success and helps improve productivity and employee health. In such an environment, employees actually like coming to work.

As John Perry, senior advisor at the National Quality Institute said, organizations that strive for excellence through quality are those that apply new knowledge to work. They set a clear direction, establish plans for improvement and gain knowledge from the people they serve.

They know improving quality is not about changing people. It’s about improving the system the people work in, with their help. They realize slogans and technological improvements can never displace the requirement to treat everyone with respect and dignity.