Ontario adopts new human rights model

Bureaucracy no longer investigates cases
By Uyen Vu
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/11/2007

Ontario has joined British Columbia as the only two jurisdictions in Canada that let victims of human rights violations go directly to a tribunal.

Andrew Pinto, co-chair of the Bill 107 task force at the Ontario Bar Association, applauded the bill for finally implementing a model recommended by previous task forces and commissions, including the Human Rights Code Review Task Force chaired by Mary Cornish in 1992 and the panel reviewing the federal legislation in 2000 headed by former Supreme Court judge Gérard La Forest.

Prior to Bill 107, people with human rights grievances had to bring complaints to the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Commission staff interviewed the parties and conducted a fact-finding process, then decided whether to bring the matter before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario.