CIBC hit with overtime class-action lawsuit

Suit seeks $600 million in damages for unpaid overtime for thousands of non-management, non-union employees across Canada
||Last Updated: 06/20/2007

CIBC is facing a $600-million class-action lawsuit over unpaid overtime.

Dara Fresco, 34, a teller who has worked at the bank for almost 10 years, is spearheading the action with the help of Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP and Roy Elliott Kim O’Connor LLP.

Fresco, who says she currently earns $30,715 per year, claims she is owed about $50,000 in unpaid overtime at the bank. The class-action lawsuit, which was filed in Toronto on June 4, is seeking compensation for alleged unpaid overtime hours worked by current and former non-management, non-unionized employees of CIBC in Canada who are or were tellers or other front-line customer service employees (limited to personal bankers, commercial bankers and account executives, working at CIBC retail branch offices across Canada).