The election’s over — let’s fix health care (editorial)

By John Hobel
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/15/2001

Polls can be difficult to read. During the federal election, Canadians told pollsters health care was their number one concern. And then in the biggest poll of them all — the election itself — the party that slashed health-care funding by billions annually was elected to its third majority.

The Liberal party had two basic planks to its health-care platform. First, try to convince voters that putting back all the money they stripped from the system over two terms in power on the very eve of the election made the party the saviour of health care. Failing that, revert to plank two: “We’re not as bad for publicly funded health care as the Canadian Alliance.”

The Alliance was playing its own Orwellian version of semantics over the definition of two tier. Apparently, Alberta Premier Ralph Klein and his then right-hand cabinet colleague Stockwell Day favouring the establishment of for-profit health facilities doesn’t fall into that definition.