RCMP must reinstate cadet

Tribunal awards cadet up to $500,000
By Jeffrey R. Smith
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 05/02/2008

A former RCMP cadet who said he was drummed out of the Mounties’ training program because of discrimination should be readmitted and compensated, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has ruled.

Ali Tahmourpour entered the RCMP’s training academy in Regina in July 1999. He said he encountered difficulties right from the beginning due to the fact he was Muslim and Iranian.

On Tahmourpour’s first day, he discovered the RCMP dress code prohibited cadets from wearing jewelry except for medic alert bracelets. Tahmourpour explained privately to an instructor that he wore a religious pendant he didn’t wish to remove. The instructor agreed but then told all the cadets, in what Tahmourpour described as a sarcastic and condescending tone, nobody could wear jewelry accept for “Ali, here.” Tahmourpour said he felt uncomfortable and singled out.