2008 – the year in HR

A look at what made news last year
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/11/2009

There is one word that best describes the year 2008: Tumultuous. There was a vast change in the economy from good to terrible, as reflected in the pages of Canadian HR Reporter. In the early part of the year, there was plenty of talk of the continuing labour shortage. Some nervousness about long-term pension funding worked its way in, but the world looked pretty optimistic.

But everything changed in September, and from October on the pages of the paper were dominated with headlines such as, “What the economic crisis means for HR,” “Slowdown cripples wage increases” and “HR ‘tempting target’ in downturn.” (Oct. 20, article 6437, Nov. 17, article 6505 and Dec. 1, article 6524.)

There was the federal election, where experts touted Stephen Harper’s win as a victory for employers. (Nov. 3, article 6475.) But it looks like election coverage — or a new prime minister — could be in the cards again for early 2009. Here’s a brief look by topic area at news that made headlines in the HR world last year. (To view any of the articles, go to www.hrreporter.com, click on “Advanced search” on the top right-hand side of the home page and enter the article number. All subscribers to Canadian HR Reporter have unlimited access to the archive.)