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B.C., feds help older workers; Videos teach Alberta students about work safety; Territory launches immigrant nominee program; Quebec encourages early mat leave; more support for N.S. Magna workers; U.S. unemployment hits 9.7 per cent
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 09/21/2009

B.C., feds help older workers

Victoria — The federal and British Columbia governments are investing more than $30 million in a program to help keep older workers active in the province’s workforce. The funds will create 19 new agreements under the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, which will help an additional 471 unemployed older workers in B.C. acquire new skills and find jobs. The initiative has also been extended to March 2010. In all, 22 partnerships will be funded and up to 1,000 unemployed workers in B.C. will be helped by the program.

Videos teach Alberta students about work safety