Don’t fall in love with the help (Editor’s notes)

No workplace immune from office romance fallout
By Todd Humber
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 10/18/2009

There’s nothing illegal about an office romance. But, oh, the headaches it can bring for employers. Late night king David Letterman thrust workplace trysts into the spotlight after admitting — in a startling on-air confession — he had sexual relationships with women who worked on his television show.

There was no apparent legal wrongdoing in the relationships. There have been no charges of sexual harassment, no sordid tales of bitter breakups that disrupted the workplace. In fact, the whole affair likely would never have come to light except for the fact somebody allegedly tried to blackmail him to the tune of US$2 million.

But that’s the problem with office romances. They create an undercurrent in the workplace that can boil up anytime and create unexpected — and complicated — problems. And no workplace is immune.