Doors opening for workers with disabilities (Guest commentary)

Ontario’s comprehensive accessibility legislation is now in force for public sector — private sector should start preparing for January 2012 deadline
By Olga Dosis and Jane Sleeth
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 03/22/2010

If asked how many employees in your workplace have a bona fide disability, would you know the answer? If asked, 10 years from now, how many of your employees will be at an age or state of health where they are more likely to develop a disability, would this be readily apparent to the HR team?

What percentage of the potential working population in Ontario has a disability your workplace has not even considered in the hiring process? Of that percentage, how many could potentially be high-level performing employees who help an organization succeed in the marketplace?

These questions about disability often bring to mind more obvious disabilities, such as an employee in a wheelchair, a prospective employee with multiple sclerosis or a manager who wears two hearing aides.