Employee feedback, unique perks key to managing work-related stress

Yoga classes, ‘Thirsty Thursdays,’ summer hours help CBT employees relax
By Sarah Llewellin
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/21/2017
Suit Yourself
A “Suit Yourself” casual dress program was designed by employees at CBT, seen relaxing in the collaborative space. Credit: CBT

Stress, for many, is an integral part of working life. While some stress can be positive and even invigorating, it’s well-known that intense or prolonged stress can negatively impact people’s health, relationships, job satisfaction, productivity and more. 

At Collins Barrow Toronto (CBT), a financial services advisory firm, planned and unplanned client needs typically determine deadlines and a sometimes unpredictable volume of work for professionals and many other staff. So, as in many workplaces, stress is often a natural consequence of getting the job done.

Another contributing factor is that the predictable and finite “busy season” associated with the financial services industry is now essentially a thing of the past. Evolutions in client size and complexity, multiple service lines, and ongoing advisory practice make most areas of CBT busy all year.