Why it’s important to get that awkward compensation question out of the way

If recruiters expect full disclosure from candidates, at least they can reciprocate
By Belinda Schuler-Chin
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 04/17/2017

Talking about compensation is an important aspect in the hiring process as it establishes a relationship based on trust and transparency from the get-go. After all, an employer entrusts a recruiter to select the best candidate for the position, and the candidate trusts the hiring manager will be transparent about the compensation details for the role.

However, the great debate seems to be around timing and who has the right to make the first move when it comes to compensation.

On the one hand, recruiters claim they have the right to establish the timing as they are the ones extending the offer and placing their companies at risk. On the other hand, candidates feel they have as much right to ask about compensation as soon as possible, as they have a clearcut idea of their value, their time and should be able to ask the question without being cut from the process.