Does HR need AI?

Technological capabilities will change profession for the better, say experts
By Marcel Vander Wier
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 01/10/2018
Artificial intelligence will allow HR to reduce its administrative burden and focus on strategic planning, says a recent report. Credit: maxuser (Shutterstock)

It’s official: Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) have infiltrated the ranks of human resources and will be mainstream within the function in five years.

That’s the finding of a report by Ontario’s Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA), which concludes AI can help HR professionals reduce their administrative burden, recruit, reduce bias and improve employee engagement.

“The future is here and employers have good reasons to embrace AI’s increasing role in HR functions,” said Scott Allinson, vice-president of public affairs at HRPA in Toronto. “Utilizing AI is not about worker displacement, but a useful tool paired with human judgment to allow HR professionals to focus on strategic planning.”