‘I was fired after asking for help’

Employers have to back up their claims of supporting mental health, says an employee dismissed after she presented a doctor’s note at work
By Maria McLean
|Canadian HR Reporter|Last Updated: 02/21/2017

On Jan. 12, I was fired from K93, a Bell Media-owned radio station — one hour after handing in a doctor’s note prescribing 10 days off work for mental health leave.

After I posted about it on social media on Bell’s “Let’s Talk Day,” people had a lot to say about it. “The nerve of Bell!” “How hypocritical!” and “That’s discrimination” were phrases I saw over and over on social media. But I couldn’t stop thinking about how things didn’t have to end the way they did. My employer panicked because my situation was sensitive. But there were many ways it could have been better dealt with, especially concerning a worker having mental health struggles.

The day of my firing, I was extremely transparent about what I was going through. My program director listened to what I had to say, but it was clear he didn’t know how to respond. And it was the same for the operations manager and HR. They were uncomfortable.