York University - School of Human Resources Management

Year Founded: 2009

The School of Human Resources Management at York University has established itself as a leader in HR Education in Canada and globally.  With a suite of programs, SHRM educates thousands of students each year.  We grant degrees at all levels of study, Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral.  We also offer flexible certificate courses for degree and non-degree students. Our strengths include a core group of award-winning faculty members as well as a close relationship with business leaders. 

As researchers and educators, our collective goal is to extend the boundaries of organizational and management scholarship while simultaneously maintaining and developing the relevance of our work. With expertise in management studies, labour relations, psychology, compensation, law, diversity and statistics, our faculty are on the cutting edge of human resource teaching, training, research, and practice.

Our research addresses practical issues and contributes centrally to debates in the field.  We strive to develop programs and curricula pertinent to the dynamic challenges of a globalized environment in a way that will enhance our responsiveness to the needs of our various stakeholders, including students, employing organizations, and professional associations. As part of this approach, SHRM aims to address timely and relevant issues in our classrooms, educating students who are prepared to practice HRM in today’s world.  Through a vast array of courses and experiences, our students are given the skills to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Company Name:
York University - School of Human Resources Management

Head Office Address:
York University, School of Human Resources Management, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON Canada, M3J1P3

Telephone No.:
(416) 736-2100

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