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Since 1987, Canadian HR Reporter has served as Canada's indispensable guide to human resources management. 

Originally a print publication, we are now fully online providing the latest news and information on trends and issues, along with expert advice and insights from HR practitioners and industry experts through in-depth interviews.

Our journalists deliver in-depth, HR-related news coverage from Canada and around the world, covering a variety of topics such as employment law, recruitment, mental health, diversity, performance management and employee engagement.

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About Key Media Business Information

Key Media Business Information is an award-winning global media company with six offices around the world. Its growing portfolio of market-leading products connects business communities and product providers together in seven key verticals through print, online, and events.

Key Media Business Information is a rapidly growing media company with offices in Sydney, Auckland, Denver, London, Manila, and Toronto serving a range of professional services markets across the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and the UK.


As a specialist publishing company, we produce trade publications for professional niche markets such as legal, insurance, education, safety, wealth, human resources, and the mortgage industry.

Titles include:

  • Australian Broker
  • Australasian Lawyer
  • Canadian Lawyer
  • Canadian Mortgage Professional
  • Canadian Occupational Safety
  • Human Resources Director Asia
  • Human Resources Director America
  • Human Resources Director Australia
  • Human Resources Director Canada
  • Human Resources Director New Zealand
  • Insurance Business America
  • Insurance Business Asia-Pacific
  • Insurance Business Australia
  • Insurance Business Canada
  • Insurance Business NZ
  • Insurance Business UK
  • Law Times
  • Lexpert Special Editions
  • Mortgage Professional America
  • Mortgage Professional Australia
  • Mortgage Introducer
  • NZ Advisor
  • NZ Lawyer
  • The Educator
  • Wealth Professional Canada

For more information, you can reach us at

KM Business Information Canada Ltd
317 Adelaide Street West
Suite 910 Toronto
Ontario M5V 1P9