How are office buildings adjusting to COVID-19?

‘Things are moving to more of a hands-free situation, even after the vaccine'


How to boost holiday spirits in a difficult year

‘This is about supporting employees through severe stress, isolation, loneliness when physical and financial wellbeing are at stake’

How will the pandemic impact employee notice periods?

Lawyers at Sherrard Kuzz look at the potential impact of an employee’s entitlement to notice of termination

Coffee on demand for remote workers

Van Houtte Coffee Services brings back the benefit of a coffee break for work-at-home staff

Despite diversity efforts, discrimination still a problem: Survey

'These issues may be more widespread in the workplace than many Canadians think'

Ontario rolls out COVID-19 rapid tests at various workplaces

Long-term care homes, Air Canada, Magna among employers involved in deployment

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The gender divide in talent retention

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Boosting the trades

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Taking action against racial discrimination

Employers can lead in the fight against racism

What's in a name?

Court finds employee not an executive despite VP title

Using gamification to help leaders and teams gain powerful insights

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for empathy, collaboration and listening is being underscored

Rethinking jobs, pay and performance in turbulent times

Regardless of the magnitude of change, it is vital to have a holistic and integrated plan