Many workers ready to quit because of burnout

'It comes down to the employee experience – from the way people get paid, to the benefits and growth opportunities available to them'


Ontario passes right-to-disconnect legislation

Banning of non-compete clauses, certification of temporary help agencies also in new law

Why are some people reluctant to use telehealth?

74 per cent of providers have patients who refused a video call with medical staff

Non-profit allows staff to substitute stat holidays

Boys and Girls Club of South Coast BC lets workforce swap up to 5 days each year

Ontario focuses on work-related cancers

Government investing more than $6 million to help identify causes, preventions

Feds working on 10 days of paid sick leave for workers

Union calls for provincial governments to pass comparable legislation

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A 'bleak' Friday for Amazon?

Protests planned worldwide highlight continuing unhappiness of massive workforce

Safe and inclusive celebrations

A reminder of the risks and liabilities as holiday parties return to some workplaces

Sealing the deal

It's always best to execute a proper agreement when a settlement is reached at mediation

Using gamification to help leaders and teams gain powerful insights

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for empathy, collaboration and listening is being underscored

Is mental health part of 'health and wellness'?

Our brains and bodies are intrinsically linked