2006 T4 includes new codes

Reporting for some codes optional in 2006

The Canada Revenue Agency has added new codes to the “Other Information” area on the T4. The codes are explained in the recently released 2006 Employers’ Guide: Filing the T4 Slip and Summary.

The codes are:

81 – placement or employment agency workers gross earnings;

82 – drivers of taxis or other passenger-carrying vehicles gross earnings;

83 – barbers or hairdressers gross earnings;

84 – public transit pass; and

85 – employee-paid premiums for private health services plans.

The agency says for the 2006 reporting the use of codes 81 to 84 is optional. Beginning with 2007 reporting, the CRA says affected employers will be required to use the codes. The use of code 85 is optional.

The 2006 T4 guide is now available online.

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