HR strategy around mining in B.C. given extra funding

Includes underground miner occupational analysis, skills development

A human resource strategy that supports skills training for people working in underground mining in British Columbia is being given additional funding.

The funding will be used to include an underground miner occupational analysis and skills development component. The project will identify the skill requirements of underground miners, evaluate the current capacity for training underground miners in B.C. and make recommendations to expand skills development programs in the province.

“In the last decade, we have seen a 228 per cent growth in employment in the mining industry, and the trend of needing more workers is expected to continue,” said Karina Brino, president and CEO of the Mining Association of BC. “It is often difficult for mining operations to find a reliable, local labour supply, in particular for jobs that require specialized skills and training. The province has an opportunity through this initiative to train British Columbians to be ready to fill the need for underground miners in existing and proposed mines across the province.”

Under the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement (LMDA) Labour Market Partnerships program, government is providing an additional $24,750 to expand the scope of the existing British Columbia Mineral and Mining Industry Human Resource Strategy to include underground mining.

The strategy augments the British Columbia Mineral and Mining Industry Human Resource Strategy funding in excess of $1 million. The strategy identifies industry-specific training and the educational and promotional needs required to keep pace with a growing industry that is facing a shortage of skilled workers. The project has a strong focus on youth and under-represented sectors of society, such as women, Aboriginal people and new Canadians.

Currently there are more than 29,000 people in B.C. employed in mining, mineral exploration, and related sectors, according to the B.C. government. New employment opportunities and job creation in the mining sector have the potential to add an additional 10,000 direct jobs over next 10 years.

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