Quebec language of work legislation not necessary for federally regulated private firms: Study

Many already have francization certificate

A new study has found there is no need for implementing language of work laws for federally regulated private businesses in Quebec — those that are not subject to the Official Languages Act.

"There is nothing in the study that indicates the need for legislation to regulate language of work in Quebec," said Minister of Industry, Minister of State (Agriculture) and Minister responsible for Quebec Christian Paradis. "Rather, the study shows that the internal practices of federally regulated businesses are already very similar to those seen in provincially regulated businesses."

The study, carried out by a committee of deputy ministers, shows that a great many federally regulated private businesses have voluntarily obtained a francization certificate from the Office québécois de la langue francaise. These businesses employ about one-half of all workers in federally regulated businesses that are not subject to the Official Languages Act.

Promoting the French language requires a great deal of vigilance and is a key priority of the federal government, said Paradis.

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