9 in 10 senior managers support 4-day workweek

Many expect Canadian employers to make switch within 5 years

9 in 10 senior managers support 4-day workweek

The four-day workweek is gaining momentum around the world and the trend seems to be happening in Canada, judging by a recent survey.

Ninety-one per cent of senior managers say they would support having fewer working days in the week for their teams.

And 69 per cent said they expect their employer to make this switch within the next five years, according to a Robert Half.

One Toronto-based employer saw great success when switching to the four-day week, in an industry known for its “burnout” culture.

Popular with workers

As well, more than seven in 10 workers (74 per cent) say they would be willing to switch to four 10-hour days in exchange for an additional day off each week.

A further 78 per cent reported they would have little trouble adjusting to the new reality by unplugging from work, found the Robert Half surveys of 1,122 Canadian workers in the fall of 2022 and 900 managers in the summer of 2022.

But one HR leader doesn’t think the shortened work week is the right way to go.

Hope for the new year

A separate Robert Half LinkedIn survey of over 1,100 professionals revealed that nearly a quarter of Canadian workers (23 per cent) cite moving to a four-day workweek as their work wish for 2023. 

This result came in second to finding a new job, at 50 per cent. Also popular? Twenty-one per cent are hoping for a raise while six per cent are looking to relocate.

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