Loyalty to employers high amid pandemic

However, workers cite increased workload, concerns about return to work: survey

Loyalty to employers high amid pandemic
Many workers are not confident their employer will have the proper measures in place to protect their safety, finds a survey.

Most workers in Canada have remained loyal to their employer throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, with just 13 per cent saying their loyalty has decreased, according to a survey released by ADP Canada.

Nearly one-third (28 per cent) say their loyalty has increased because of their company’s response to COVID-19, and women are more likely to cite increased loyalty than men (33 per cent versus 23 per cent), found the survey of 939 workers between May 15 to May 17, 2020.

However, almost half (46 per cent) of respondents reported seeing an increase in their workloads.

“While loyalty to employers remains strong, there’s no doubt that COVID-19 will have lasting impacts on the workforce,” says Heather Haslam, vice president of marketing at ADP Canada. “Most employers have adapted swiftly in addition to adopting measures to protect their workforce. Employers can increase the likelihood of retaining their workforce by being transparent about changes, staying empathetic, supportive and informed by soliciting regular feedback from employees, and continuing to prioritize employee health and safety.”

Return to workplace
While about one-third of those surveyed are looking forward to returning to the office, 21 per cent say they are not ready to go back, with women (29 per cent) less likely to be ready compared to men (14 per cent). Also, 11 per cent say that while they are ready to return to the workplace, they are not confident their employer will have the proper measures in place to protect their safety.

“Across Canada, most workers are entitled to refuse what they reasonably believe is unsafe work without fearing punishment. Workers do not need to prove they are at risk to initiate an unsafe work refusal,” says Natalka Haras, ADP Canada legal counsel. “When addressing a work refusal, it is crucial that an employer diligently follows the investigative and reporting process in the applicable legislation.”

More than half (53 per cent) of employers expect to have all of their staff back in the primary workplace within six months, according to a survey by the Human Resources Professional Association (HRPA) in Ontario. However, nearly one-fifth (19.1 per cent) hope or expect to work from home for five days or more per week, according to another survey by O.C. Tanner.

And a separate survey found that 30 per cent of American workers are planning to look for a new job once the pandemic is over.

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