April ushers in minimum wage changes

Rises now official in four Atlantic provinces, two territories

April ushers in minimum wage changes
Minimum wage has risen in the four Atlantic provinces as of April 1. Credit: Marcel Vander Wier


New Brunswick

Minimum wage increase in effect for April 1

On April 1, the provincial government raised New Brunswick’s minimum wage rate from $11 an hour to $11.25.

The rate increase is the result of a government decision to begin indexing the minimum wage rate to corresponding increases in New Brunswick’s consumer price index.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Minimum wage rises 15 cents

On April 1, the provincial government raised Newfoundland and Labrador’s minimum wage rate from $11.00 an hour to $11.15.

Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Labour Al Hawkins said rate adjustments are now based on the percentage change in the consumer price index. Going forward, he said rate changes would occur on April 1 every year.

Hawkins added that indexation would never result in the government lowering the minimum wage rate.

“Indexing the minimum wage to the consumer price index on a fixed date annually provides an open, predictable and well-informed approach that helps employees and employers plan for future adjustments,” he said.

Northwest Territories

Minimum wage jumps to $13.46

On April 1, the minimum wage rate in the territory rose from $12.50 per hour to $13.46. It is the first increase since 2015.

A minimum wage committee, made up of representatives from business, labour and community organizations, reviews the rate every two years.

Nova Scotia

Minimum wage hits $11 mark

The general minimum wage rate in Nova Scotia rose from $10.85 an hour to $11.00 on April 1 for employees with at least three months of experience.

The rate for employees with fewer than three months of experience went up from $10.35 per hour to $10.50. The province indexes the minimum wage rates to the consumer price index for Canada.

This spring, a committee will examine the way minimum wage rates are set. The move follows a decision by Atlantic premiers to study ways to harmonize provincial minimum wage rates and how they are adjusted.

Prince Edward Island

Minimum wage up by 30 cents

The Prince Edward Island government raised the province’s minimum wage rate from $11.25 an hour to $11.55 on April 1.

The Employment Standards Board recommended the rate hike based on economic factors in the province and input from the public during consultations last summer.


Minimum wage rising, but ESB to review rate going forward

On April 1, the territorial government raised the minimum wage rate from $11.32 an hour to $11.51.

When announcing the rate hike, Community Services Minister John Streicker also said Yukon’s Employment Standards Board would be reviewing the minimum wage in light of recent rate increases in other jurisdictions.

The review is expected to take about six months to complete.


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