Quebecers cutting back on holidays: Survey

One-fifth returning to work more stressed than before

Quebecers are cutting back on their summer holidays, according to a survey by the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés.

This summer, they plan to take an average of two weeks off, compared to 2.2 weeks in 2014 and 2.3 in 2013. In addition, more than one Quebecer in 10 has no plans for any vacation at all this summer.

Of those who do take time off, two in five stay in contact with their office, which makes their return to work stressful. Overall, one Quebecer in three noted a decrease in stress levels after the holidays.

Some 18 per cent of employees return to work more stressed than before they left.

The main reasons for their inability to switch off are personal interest (61 per cent), the inability to delegate (27 per cent), the corporate culture (14 per cent) and pressure from an immediate supervisor (9 per cent).

Young people being left behind
There probably won't be many young workers on the beach this summer — with an average of only 1.8 weeks, it's the 18 to 34 year olds who'll be taking the least time off.

They also say they're more stressed when they get back and this age group is the one that maintains the most contact with the workplace during vacation time. More young workers say the impossibility to delegate is one reason for this trend.

Vacation management
The Quebec group provided a few practical tips:

· Set up a vacation calendar so everyone has the chance to take their holidays, making sure that not all team members are away at the same time.

· To cover for absences and reap the benefits of an enthusiastic workforce, offer summer jobs or training periods to students who are eager to learn.

· Plan for knowledge transfer for positions that are crucial to the organization.

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