Managing hiring for multiple managers is hard

MyJobChoice helps make your job 10x easier

Managing hiring for multiple managers is hard

This article was produced in partnership with MyJobChoice.

We are at an interesting time in hiring. More people are reconsidering their roles and job choices through the “great resignation.” That means there are more people looking for meaningful work and more people starting their search than almost any other time in history. 

This is a tremendous opportunity, and it presents its own unique challenges.

As each hiring manager loses workers and seeks to hire more, the search portion of the job becomes more important and exponentially grows the resumé reading.

Two massive elements come into play: “Can we trust technology to help us?” and “How do we quickly work beyond biases?”

MyJobChoice has a unique approach that simplifies the process. Rather than relying on keywords, the hiring company can propose the common questions they always screen for. These are questions like “How many years of Class 1 driving have you done?” or “What is the largest deal you have closed for sales?”

When the candidates respond, they are asked the corresponding questions and you are left with the “pre-screened” candidates, thus limiting your energy to the candidates that actually fit the roles you are hiring for.

Imagine only having to read through five to 10 resumés for a role instead of sorting through hundreds of unqualified ones.

The candidate and hiring manager always have more questions than are answered in the first pass of resumé. MyJobChoice helps bridge that gap early and effectively, without bias and in an automated fashion without sacrificing the human elements needed to make the right choice.

Removing bias from hiring             

HR people are bombarded with many tools, but they’re going to be held accountable for bias in the recruiting process — unconscious or not, says Plamondon. So, to protect themselves, MyJobChoice offers up anonymous candidates.

“No personal information is shared with anyone until that permission is granted. It remains private from start to finish,” he says.

‘Ghosting’ less likely

With jobseekers choosing to apply after making a match, employers aren’t wasting time with people who aren’t necessarily interested. And that’s valuable because “ghosting” by job candidates is taking an increasing toll on employers, according to Robert Half.

Compared to two years ago, more than four in 10 respondents (43 per cent) to a survey said it’s more common for job candidates to cut off communication. Why? Most often it’s because the job is not what they expected, or the interview process was poor.

Showcasing employer career pages

Employers can also use their own company websites and social media platforms to post links for their job postings. 

“These links then funnel job seekers to actively apply inside your own recruiting ecosystem,” says Sidney Plamondon, business development manager at MyJobChoice.

Having people go to the career page lets the employer better define the selection process to jobseekers, and there are no time limits on how long the ads are displayed.

“Career pages can be more informative than just a job description or job postings,” he says. “It’s also a good opportunity to showcase your corporate culture and management team.”

Reaching valuable candidates

But reaching those candidates is not easy, and never has been. Often, the very best recruits are not scanning job ads or they’re not looking in the right places.

That’s why reaching passive candidates — who may not be actively looking but would make an ideal employee – are a great option.

By using MyJobChoice, HR can better connect with qualified candidates who have answered a short, two-minute questionnaire — answering questions around important preferences such as benefits, compensation and location — and make for a strong match.

“There's lots of money being spent on ATS, applicant tracking software, and there's lots of money spent on job boards and job postings, but there's no one really addressing the true issue of the jobseeker and how can they passively apply for a job or passively look for a job, as opposed to looking at a specific job posting and ‘hacking’ the job ad by putting in all the keywords,” says Sidney Plamondon, business development manager.

“We use targeted, industry-specific questions to showcase their skills without a resumé.”

Get a feel for it at MyJobChoice.

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