CLC calls for asbestos mining ban

Labour group also wants financial support for displaced workers

The Canadian Labour Congress is calling on a ban of all asbestos mining in Canada, even though a recent study on the cancer risks of asbestos has not yet been released.

Seven scientific and medical experts, hired by Health Canada, submitted their report examining the link between asbestos and cancer in March. However, the report has yet to be released.

Nothing in the report would argue against the sensibility of an asbestos ban in Canada, Leslie Stayner, one of the report's authors, told the CBC.

Last weekend the CLC passed a resolution on behalf of its members calling for an end to asbestos production, as well as financial support for roughly 700 miners who would be affected by an industry shutdown.

Canada's only two asbestos mines are located in Quebec. The province has one of the highest rates of mesothelioma, a cancer connected with asbestos exposure, in the world.

While asbestos has been banned in nearly every developed country and several developing nations, Canada still produces and exports asbestos to countries such as India, Indonesia and Pakistan for use in construction material.

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