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Look out, Drake – Paramedics in da house

Toronto Paramedic Services has produced a slick rap video that is not only funny but delivers a serious workplace health and safety message.

In the video (go to to view the video), paramedic Ammad “King” Rahim shows his skills on the mic while colleagues demonstrate workplace safety.

A sampling of the lyrics from “Thinkin’ Bout Me”:

“Yea, I ain’t tryna hurt my back. My neck and my back, my back still intact. And I thank God, cuz WSIB ain’t where it’s at. And I ain’t tryna walk the line, I’m fly as jet.”

“Yea! Man this be real. My safety concerns ain’t no safety drill. Safety vest on, reflective still. Cuz cars goin’ hurt, I ain’t no target drill.”

Reports say ambulance services from as far away as Australia have inquired about using the video for safety training purposes. As of press time, the video had been viewed nearly 15,000 times.

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