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Injuries at work may increase risk of losing one’s job: U.S. study

(Reuters Health) — A new U.S. study of nursing home workers finds that within six months of an injury, workers are more likely to lose their jobs.

Compared to uninjured colleagues, workers who were hurt were more than twice as likely to be fired in the next six months. Workers who had been injured multiple times were also twice as likely to quit their jobs in the next six months, the study found.

“The results demonstrate higher risk of being fired but we don’t have data to say why exactly workers are being fired. We can only say that their risks are higher,” said lead author Cassandra Okechukwu of the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.

In general, workers are most likely to be injured during the first few months in a new environment, the study team notes in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Job turnover increases the chances an injured worker will be injured again in a new  workplace .

People injured more than once were more likely to choose to leave their jobs than uninjured workers, while people injured only once were more likely to be fired.

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