Ontario launches "Workplace Gateway"

Website features information on health and safety, employment standards for employers and workers

Ontario employers have a new online source to access information on workplace health and safety and employment standards.

The province has launched a new website that bundles information together for employers and workers, Labour Minister Chris Bentley said.

“This is furthering the education and training of the whole community, particularly the employer community with respect to employment standards and occupational health and safety issues,” said Bentley. “It is a platform that we can build upon in the future to help businesses become more efficient and government more effective.”

The site, known as the Workplace Gateway, is billed as a “one-stop access point” that combines links to a number of web-based resources for specific industry sectors like construction, restaurants, tourism and bed and breakfasts.

The construction link, for example, leads to detailed information on how to start a business or project, licenses and trade qualifications, workplace health and safety laws, regulations and other topics.

The website outlines the responsibilities of both employers and workers under Ontario law to ensure employment standards and workplace safety requirements are being met. The website also provides answers to frequently asked questions about health and safety, pay and benefits and other topics.

Len Crispino, president and chief executive officer of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, said the website provides information in a straightforward manner and is a great tool for business.

“Small businesses need ready access to government information in order to succeed,” said Crispino. “I have no doubt this will be an important tool for our membership.”

The site can be accessed at www.cbs.gov.on.ca/obc/english/workplacegateway/index.htm.

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