Sleepy, grumpy and dangerous in the workplace

Canadian employees suffering from a lack of quality sleep

Tried everything to improve engagement and make sure your employees are happy and safe at work?

Perhaps it’s time to start handing out the warm cocoa and sending employees home with memory-foam mattresses rather than cash bonuses.

According to a new study commissioned by home furnishings retailer Ikea, Canadians are the worst sleepers in the world, which can have serious consequences in the workplace.

“If you are not getting a good night’s sleep you are likely to become irritable, lack concentration, experience quick mood changes, become more aggressive and generally more liable to feel depressed. If you are driving to work and have trouble concentrating or have a job that requires high levels of concentration there are obvious safety concerns,” said Helen Driver, vice-president of research for the Canadian Sleep Society.

“It is possible that Canadians just aren’t getting enough sleep and so they are still tired in the morning, or their sleep may be disturbed. Since the 1960s, on average, Canadians have been getting one to two hours less sleep per night.”

The survey of more than 1,000 Canadians found that only 53 per cent of respondents feel that they get a good night’s sleep, compared with 79 per cent of respondents in Switzerland, 73 per cent in Norway and 71 per cent in Russia.

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