32 per cent of firms worried about losing top performers: Survey

Increased workloads, longer hours and fewer resources push workers to look for new jobs

As the recession eases and companies are starting to hire again, many organizations are worried about losing their top talent, according to a survey.

The survey by online job board CareerBuilder found 32 per cent of employers are concerned about losing high-performing workers in the second quarter.

These fears seem to be justified with 33 per cent of workers saying they will likely start looking for a new job when the economy picks up.

Increased workloads, longer hours and fewer resources related to the recession may be contributing to higher job dissatisfaction. Workers reported the following:

• 32 per cent are dissatisfied with their pay, up from 29 per cent during the same period last year

• 22 per cent are dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with their work-life balance

• 27 per cent are dissatisfied with the career advancement opportunities provided by their current employers.

Workers are looking for the following attributes in a new job:

• good career advancement opportunities (60 per cent)

• good work culture (57 per cent)

• less stressful work environment (45 per cent)

• sense of ownership in their position, that they can make a difference (42 per cent)

• camaraderie, more family-like work environment (34 per cent).

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