A great new feature and a ‘thanks’ (Editor’s notes)

New partnership gives HR Reporter subscribers the best thinking

Happy new year. It’s time to shake off the hangovers and get working on those new year’s resolutions. If one of your professional resolutions was to be a little more strategic and expand your knowledge base, well, we’ve got just what you need.

Debuting on pages eight to 10 of this issue is the Executive Series. Canadian HR Reporter has partnered with the Strategic Capability Network (SCNetwork), an association of high-level HR and business professionals with chapters in Toronto, Calgary and London, Ont., to bring you exclusive, high-level thinking you won’t find anywhere else.

Here’s how it works. Every month, SCNetwork hosts a breakfast seminar. They bring in a respected speaker to talk about a critical topic. Once a month, which works out to pretty much every other issue, we’ll cover the event in detail for you. We’ll sum up what the speaker had to say, and thought leaders from SCNetwork will chime in on the practical applications and give their take.

Have a look. We think it’s an exciting new feature that will provoke thought and debate in the HR community. It’s like having a seat at the seminar without having to leave the comfort of your office, or blow your travel budget flying in from across the country. As always, we’re interested in feedback. Disagree with something the speaker — or one of the thought leaders — says? Or perhaps they’re confirming something you have always suspected? Drop me an e-mail at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to print it in our Letters to the Editor section.

You’ll also notice that we’ve closed the doors on the CloseUp feature after a great seven-year run. But don’t worry. We’re not cutting back any of the great editorial content. The departments section is being expanded to bring you more timely, topical stories written by experts to help you navigate the HR world. And our team of professional journalists will continue to cover HR like no other news organization can.

In the interest of recognition — and we all know the importance of recognizing employees — I’d like to take the time to thank the Canadian HR Reporter team for all the hard work they do in getting this great newspaper into your hands. We have the best editorial staff in the business. Last year we welcomed two new reporters to our ranks. Jeffrey Smith took the reins at sister publication Canadian Employment Law Today and he works hard to bring interesting and informative stories to page five, our employment law feature. Sarah Dobson, in her role as editor of sister publication Canadian Compensation & Benefits Reporter, helps us cover the total rewards scene.

I can’t say enough good things about assistant editor Shannon Klie. Over the last year, she’s been unflappable in the absence of news editor Uyen Vu, who is set to rejoin us in the spring following a leave. We can’t wait to welcome her back. In her absence, regular freelancers Lesley Young, Danielle Harder and Andy Shaw have aptly picked up the slack. Gordon Sova and Lorna Harris, editors of CLV Reports, a sister publication that keeps tabs on labour relations, have been invaluable in spotting trends in the unionized world. Web co-ordinator Brian LeClair puts a lot of sweat equity into page four and keeps the website humming.

Of course, a lot more goes into a newspaper than just writing. Graphics co-ordinator Mike Long puts in long hours laying it out, and patiently puts up with finicky editors who always like to move and tweak things. Tiffani Iacolino, our circulation and marketing co-ordinator, makes sure it gets mailed out to the right people. Her role is kind of like payroll — it’s not as easy as she makes it look.

Advertising co-ordinator Mina Patel works miracles, ensuring the paper is printed and all the advertising runs correctly. And, speaking of ads, hats off to advertising manager Melanie Flores and advertising sales rep Stephen Hill. Plus there’s our beloved boss and publisher, John Hobel. His steady hand keeps this paper on track.

As you can see, what you’re holding is a true team effort. And we’ve got even more great improvements planned for the year. Stay tuned.

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