A plan for success (Web sight)

The development of a succession plan is more vital than ever before. With the fast pace of business and individuals changing careers every five years or so, organizations must not only have a succession plan in place but be able to execute it in a timely fashion. These links will help you meet this goal.

The Human Side of Succession Planning
This report by David Rose was prepared for the Ministry of Agriculture to assist Ontario farmers to develop a succession plan for their farming and agricultural operations. Many of the concepts still apply for HR departments in a business setting.

HR Magazine
A great article by Robert Grossman discussing the general purpose of a succession plan. Grossman highlights many organizations as case study examples. In addition to this paper, there are two links to other succession planning articles in the left margin under “Related Resources.”

Small Business Insights
This short article,“Form a business succession plan in seven steps” focuses on the small business owner and succession in terms of “who will take over the family business?” However, the article does cover some important points to consider in the development of any succession plan.

Emerging Leader
The success of hiring and developing leaders for the organization obviously hinges on the level of success the current leaders have for identifying and developing those employees. This article builds on this concept and discusses some of the challenges.

Succession Planning
A “nuts and bolt” article on the topic of succession planning. If you are looking for the “how-to” of developing a succession plan, this short article will put you a step in the right direction. Definitely worth a visit to the site.

The “Bus Test”
This column is fairly industry specific, focusing on Internet service providers in the technology sector. I listed this site as they take a very different approach in measuring the success of a business in terms of succession planning. Check it out if you are looking for a different perspective.

Rob Horgan is an HR professional and freelance writer. He can be reached through his Web site at www.robhorgan.com.

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