Canadians putting family ahead of careers

More employees willing to quit if work-life balance needs not met: survey

More Canadians are putting their personal lives ahead of their careers, a recent survey showed.

The survey of 2,600 Canadians, conducted by online job search site Workopolis, found that five years ago 37 per cent of respondents put career first while 31 per cent put family first. Now, those priorities have flipped with 44 per cent putting family first and 31 per cent putting career first.

"Smart employers will recognize this shift and create a workplace that allows people to nurture both their personal and professional lives," said Workopolis president Patrick Sullivan.

More and more workers are willing to quit their jobs if their work-life balance needs aren't met. The survey found that five years ago just 14 per cent of employees would leave a job for work-life balance reasons and today that number has jumped to more than one-third (39 per cent).

In fact, employers reported that work-life balance has replaced leaving for a higher salary as the top reason an employee gives for quitting.

The survey also found that Canadians are placing greater emphasis on the quality of their working lives and want to continue to develop professionally.

Based on the survey, Workopolis has come up with the following tips for employers to help recruit and retain employees:

•Accommodate employee's needs for work-life balance by instituting initiatives such as flexible work hours and work-from-home policies.

•Build staff education and training into annual planning and budgeting because both professional development and career advancement remain priorities for employees.

•Make the most of screening tools and resumé databases that allow for specific searches for matching skills, education and other qualifications to find suitable candidates in an increasingly competitive job market.

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