Canadians work on vacation, but plan vacations at work

Nearly one in five 'never really stop working'

The blurring of the work-life divide cuts both ways. In a recent survey of Canadians, well more than one half say they work or are available to do work while on vacation.

On the other hand, when they’re at work, one in two uses work time to plan for their holidays.

The recent online survey by asked nearly 1,500 people about the amount of work they do while on vacation. Only 43 per cent said they do not work at all. One in four (23 per cent) said they occasionally check emails and phone messages, while 17 per cent said they make themselves available for emergencies only.

Another 17 per cent said they never really stop working, even during their holidays.

“Many Canadians seem to be missing the point when it comes to taking holidays,” said Monster Canada vice-president of sales and general manager Peter Gilfillan in statement.

“We obviously are working harder than ever today and taking time away from the job is important, but it really means cutting links to the workplace in order to relax, something many Canadians seem unable to do today, according to the survey.”

Their inability to truly escape is all the more ironic in light of another survey that indicates a large number of people use work time to plan their getaway.

When asked, “Do you spend time at work planning summer holidays?” half of the nearly 1,800 online respondents said no. One in four (25 per cent) said they do a little bit of vacation planning while at work.

Another 25 per cent said they do all their vacation planning on the job — from research to booking.

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