Celebrating the Innovative HR Teams of 2023

Find out the most innovative strategies in HR from this year's top teams

Celebrating the Innovative HR Teams of 2023

Canadian HR Reporter is proud to announce the Innovative HR Teams for 2023, featuring teams with novel initiatives to cultivate employee growth through forward-thinking strategies. 

The report recognizes HR teams transforming their organizations to become fit for the modern era and the new challenges it brings, whether by taking a progressive approach to recruitment, introducing new technology, or rolling out a groundbreaking reward and recognition strategy.  

The bold HR leaders shared the underlying principles behind their success, such as introducing peer-to-peer rewards and recognition platforms, conducting work experience surveys and focus groups, and more.  

This year’s batch of winners proved their ability to set tangible goals, enforce a strategy to meet them and show the results of their hard work and innovation.   

Click here to see the complete list of awardees for the 2023 Innovative HR Teams. 

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