Citizenship and Immigration documents note TFWP could hurt youth unemployment rate: Reports

Young people on ‘working holidays’ heat up competition for jobs

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program has already stirred up its share of controversy, but documents from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration may intensify the debate.

One area of the TFWP known as the International Experience Canada initiative may risk greater competition for youth employment, according to the Globe and Mail.

That risk was discussed in internal documents from the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration that were obtained by an immigration lawyer through an Access to Information request.

“It is young local workers who are the main losers in the competition for employment. This is especially the case for those without post-school education, who are seeking less skilled, entry-level jobs,” said an email obtained from the ministry. The email was reportedly quoting a study on the subject.

The International Experience Canada initiative allows tens of thousands of young international workers to work in Canada every year, and employers hiring them do not have to prove they couldn’t find Canadian workers for the job, according to reports.

The national youth unemployment stood at 13 per cent in November, according to Statistics Canada.

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