Despite poor economy, employers need to focus on engagement: Survey

Only 53 per cent of employees feel they are growing professionally at work

Despite the poor economy, only one-third of Canadian employees are less likely to look for a new job, according to a new survey.

The survey by recruiting firm David Aplin Recruiting found 31 per cent of 1,632 respondents said the economy would stop them from looking for a new job, while 28 per cent said the economy would make them more likely to look for a new job and 41 per cent said the economy isn't a factor.

The survey found just 53 per cent of respondents said they are growing professionally in their job. This is a concern for employers because a 2008 survey by David Aplin Recruiting found 90 per cent of respondents ranked opportunity for advancement as the top employment incentive and 85 per cent ranked new challenges and working on a variety of interesting projects as number one.

"Despite today's economic crisis, employers need to empower their employees. If they don't start providing new challenges that allow for professional development, their employees will seek other opportunities outside the company — if not now, then when the economy stabilizes," said Mike Bacchus, president of David Aplin Recruiting.

The survey also found 26 per cent of respondents don't like their job and 24 per cent don't think their work is meaningful.

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