Feds fund Aboriginal partnerships

Projects to provide skills training and access to jobs

The federal government will invest $105 million in new Aboriginal partnership projects over the next five years.

The projects will help Aboriginals gain new skills and employment opportunities, said Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Monte Solberg.

"This program encourages participation in the workforce, and will help meet Canada's current and future labour demands," said Solberg.

About 15 to 20 new projects will be funded through the Aboriginal Skills and Employment Partnership (ASEP) program. The projects will allow 9,000 Aboriginal people to receive training and 6,500 others to obtain long-term skilled jobs. The deadline for proposals is Sept. 7.

ASEP's key component is a collaborative partnership between Aboriginal groups and major employers. Other key partners include provincial/territorial governments, learning institutions, sector councils, labour unions, and other federal departments and agencies.

There are currently 10 ASEP projects underway, which will help approximately 7,000 Aboriginal people to obtain training and lead 3,500 others to high-skilled, sustainable careers.

For further information regarding ASEP, or to obtain a copy of the request for proposals, click here

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