Fired by e-mail in Texas

RadioShack sent termination e-mails to 400 workers

At the end of August, 400 employees at Fort Worth, Texas-headquartered RadioShack opened their e-mail to find they were being let go immediately as part of planned job cuts.

The e-mails read: "The work force reduction notification is currently in progress. Unfortunately your position is one that has been eliminated."

The company held a series of meetings, during which officials told employees that the layoff notices would be delivered electronically, according to company spokesperson Kay Jackson.

She added that employees were invited to use the employee intranet site to ask questions before the e-mails went out.

The company announced on Aug. 10 that it would cut 400 to 450 jobs to cut expenses and improve "its long-term competitive position."

Laid-off workers received up to 16 weeks in severance for hourly employees and up to 36 weeks for those with a base pay of at least $90,000.

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