Formal business attire resurfaces

Companies are re-examining casual dress policies

Despite a recent survey that indicated 75 per cent of workers polled believe that casual wear for the office is here to stay, Canada’s biggest men’s clothiers disagree.

According to the National Post, Harry Rosen, Moores Clothing for Men and Sears Canada are all stocking more men’s business suits. Larry Rosen, chief executive of Harry Rosen menswear, said he expected a 25 to 30 per cent increase in suit orders this fall.

Clothiers view investment brokers as the trendsetters. During the investment craze, brokers tended to opt for the more casual attire of high tech companies, suggesting to clients that they were up on what was happening in that area. Now that high tech companies are less popular for investment, brokers are dressing more professionally.

In Canada, Xerox has recently decided to follow the growing U.S. trend of limiting casual dress to Fridays and requiring business dress for the rest of the week. Men’s clothing manufacturers believe that peer pressure will soon have other companies following suit.

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