Funding to help develop tourism workforce

Large portion of $8 million will go into the creation of on-line training

The tourism industry is getting an $8-million infusion to promote a skilled workforce, the federal government announced this week.

The announcement was part of a larger one that included funding for the Cultural Human Resource Council. The funds will be provided to the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council through the Sector Council Program.

"The cultural and tourism industries play a valuable role in our overall economy, employing upward of two million people and accounting for 16 per cent of our entire labour force,” said Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Belinda Stronach.

“It is vital to invest in the skills of these workers; the projects we are announcing today will help ensure that we have the skilled labour required to remain globally competitive in culture and tourism."

Three different projects will benefit from the funding, the largest one being the development and delivery of on-line learning for targeted programs and occupations.

The tourism council represents the 164,000 businesses that make up Canada's tourism industry.

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