Glut of teachers in Nigerian state

Governor promises to redistribute teachers to understaffed rural areas

There are too many teachers in the Nigerian state of Ekiti, according to the new governor.

Governor Segun Oni said his predecessors over-recruited teachers and now the state has the highest number of teachers in the country.

The ratio of teachers to pupils at both the elementary and secondary levels exceed the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization's (UNESCO) recommendations.

Currently the teacher-to-pupil ratio at the primary level is 1:15 compared to the UNESCO recommendation of 1:25, said Oni. At the secondary level the ratio is 1:9.

To deal with the glut of teachers, Oni has said he won't embark on a mass firing of teachers, instead he will look at redistributing them from areas of over-concentration to areas of need.

Many teachers have shunned rural-area schools in favour of larger towns and cities, leaving schools in the countryside with inadequate numbers of teachers, said Oni.

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