HRIS courses

Two options for developing HRIS talent are courses from the International Association for Human Resource Management (IHRIM) and vendor offerings. First, a look at IHRIM, then courses available from system vendor SAP, as well as costs.

IHRIM courses include:

Introduction to HR systems – This course covers the basics of HR systems. How to define requirements, select a vendor, structure the project team and how to manage an HRMS project which includes topics such: as the system’s implementation methodology, testing, training and support. As it is a basic course it also covers the technology platforms available and approaches to using HR data for reporting.

Post-implementation issues – Covers HRMS from the point of going live and covers such issues as building support organization, planning for upgrades to the system, advanced reporting and integration with other systems in the organization.

HRMS Project Management – This course is an in-depth look at project management for HR systems. It covers such topics as structuring the team for success, project management tools and techniques, project measurement and managing stakeholders in the process.

Human resource performance measurement – Covers the measurement of the HR function at the enterprise, department and HR functional level. It provides the foundation for building an HR measurement program and links it to the measurement and reporting tools available in today’s HRMS packages.

Data privacy – Covers an important and growing issue for the planning and use of HR data in the organization. It covers the requirements and planning necessary to ensure legislative compliance now, and in the future, across multiple jurisdictions for both North America and the European Union.

Change management for HRMS projects – Covers the all-important aspect of how HRMS systems will affect role and workflow changes in an organization. Topics covered include change planning, stakeholder analysis, communications and training strategy.

End user training and documentation – This IHRIM course covers the principles of adult learning and how to develop an effective training strategy for HR systems. It covers the various tools and techniques available for training and end user documentation including manuals, electronic performance support systems, computer and Web-based training, help guides, quick reference guides and instructor-led training. Among the audiences covered are project team training, superuser training and end user training.
IHRIM courses are offered in various locations throughout North America. The courses cost between US$725 and US$995 for members of IHRIM and US$865 to US$1195 for non-members. Visit for course dates and locations.

Also available from IHRIM are a series of short focused “Go-To” Guides which cover a variety of single purpose topics such as Structuring and RFP, Vendor Selection and Communications, all focused on HR systems implementation. These guides provide a self-based learning course for those people without the time and money to take formal classroom-based training.

SAP courses for project teams

In this example we list the courses provided by one major vendor -- SAP. Similar courses are required for the implementation of PeopleSoft or Oracle. With tier two and three vendors the training requirements are somewhat reduced.

There are a number of courses offered by SAP in the implementation of the SAP HR system. Other more technical courses are available for information technology staff. You should consider that approximately eight to 15 days of training will need to be provided to your staff to contribute to the implementation and maintenance of the system. It is possible to take less training and learn on the job from the consultants but this knowledge transfer and training will increase the amount of time the consultants spend training and may impact their ability to work on the project.

All prices in Canadian dollars.

SAP01 Overview: 3 days, $1,950
HR050 Human Resources: 5 days, $3,250
HR305 Configuration of Master Data: 4 days, $3,250
HR306 Configuration of Time Recording: 4 days, $2,600
HR308 Time Managers Workplace: 2 days, $1,300
HR325 Benefits Administration: 3 days, $3,250
HR515 Training and Event Management: 3 days, $1,575
HR510 Personnel Development: 3 days, $1,950
HR315 Recruitment: 3 days, $1,575
HR540 Compensation Management: 3 days, $1,950
HR940 Authorizations in HR: 2 days, $1,300
HR250 Employee Self Service: 2 days, $1,300
HR580 Reporting in Human Resources: 3 days, $1,950
HR505 Organizational Management: 3 days, $1,950
HR506 Advanced Organizational Management: 2 days, $1,300
BC405 Techniques of List Processing: 3 days, $1,950
BC400 ABAP Workbench: 5 days, $3,250
CA500 The Cross Application Time Sheet (CATS): 2 days, $1,300
HR311 Time Evaluation without Clock Times: 5 days, $3,250
HR350 Programming in HR: 5 days, $3,250
HR390 Introduction to Payroll: 2 days, $1,300
HR400 Payroll Fundamentals: 5 days, $3,250
HR407 Canadian Payroll: 5 days, $3,250

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