HRPA pushes for multinational ISO standard for HR

Bill Greenhalgh to chair working group

The Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA) saw success recently when its recommendation that the International Standards Organisation (ISO) mandate a multinational working group to develop global standards in HR integrating competency frameworks from various countries into a single global framework was approved.

HRPA had presented its core competency framework to a technical committee of the ISO (TC260), which then created a working group, naming HRPA CEO Bill Greenhalgh as chair.

Having a global framework will help enhance the HR profession worldwide, according to Greenhalgh, in creating a common basis for education, training and talent selection, and facilitating the mutual recognition of designations among countries.

"Once it becomes a standard, any country that wants to be considered to have a professional HR function will at least have to factor this new standard into their thinking," he said. "Competency frameworks support designations and those are very important because they are an objective validation of someone's capability. They tell an employer that if you have that designation, you have the ability, the skill, the background and the experience to be able to function well in a specific job."

The next step in the process will be for each national standards association to issue a call within its country for subject matter experts to provide input. Currently, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia have comprehensive and detailed core competency frameworks in HR, along with the HRPA.

The timeline for establishing the framework is estimated at three years, according to the association.

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