Israel a high-tech hub

Forget Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv is the newest hot spot for technology

Thanks to Israel's emphasis on math and sciences, as well as the country's global outlook, Israel is fast becoming a global hub for the high-tech sector.

Most of the investment In Israel's high-tech sector comes from United States-based technology firms. The largest investor is chip maker Intel, which has invested more than $4.4 billion to build three fabrication plants that employ 4,000 people.

The country's sector employs 60,000 Israeli scientists, engineers and technicians. Besides Intel, it is also home to Applied Materials' advanced silicon work, as well as operations for Microsoft, Electronic Data Systems and Comverse Technology.

The nation's lauded military, with expertise in sophisticated electronics, and the kind of ingenuity that comes from coping with life in the volatile Middle East, also gives Israel an advantage over other countries.

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