Keeping current on IR issues (Web Sight column)

The Internet has provided opportunities for both employers and unions to get to know each other better. Through government Web sites, online news and archive services, and union Web sites, one can thoroughly research and keep abreast of the trends and latest labour activity. The links below will help keep you up to date.

The Canadian Labour and Business Centre
This site is packed full of related articles and other resources. From the main page, click on “Search for Research and Reports” from the top navigation bar. The Web site also offers free subscriptions to their newsletter series.

Canadian Industrial Relations Association
While you may not be able to access a lot of resources from this site, you will be able to learn about some of the valuable resources that are available. Many of the references to information are stand-alone publications. Worth visiting and checking back once and a while.

You’ll find labour-related news from all over the world on this Web site. Click on the highlighted story to link to the full news report. The site also offers an archive of news stories from 1999-2000.

Queen’s University Industrial Relations Centre
If you are looking for training, check out one of Canada’s best programs in industrial relations at Queen’s University. Queen’s offers a 12-month Masters program in addition to a number of week-long executive programs.

International Labour Organization
This Web site offers information on the international labour movement, including links to other labour sites and resources. You’ll also find international labour regulations and ILO conventions along with reports and studies on this site.

Canadian governmentlabour sites
In addition to providing legislation-related materials on-line, most Ministry of Labour sites also include recent trends in settlements, strikes, and other industrial relations-related issues. A good place to start would be Human Resources Development Canada’s labour site:

Rob Horgan is an HR professional and freelance writer. He can be reached through his Web site:

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