Kenney official cites progress at meeting with provinces on apprenticeships

Minister seeking timeline to facilitate labour mobility between provinces

OTTAWA (CP) — Employment Minister Jason Kenney is apparently making progress with the provinces in his efforts toward a harmonized approach to apprenticeships.

At a meeting with provincial and territorial labour ministers last week in Charlottetown, Kenney sought a clear commitment on apprenticeships and a specific timeline to facilitate labour mobility between provinces for skilled tradespeople.

The discussions were a success and the provinces were ``very positive,'' says a government official not authorized to speak on the record.

Last fall, there was little enthusiasm by the provinces and territories to move forward with a national approach on apprenticeships.

But Kenney has been able to convince them by relaying what he learned during his trip to Germany and the U.K. earlier this year to learn about their apprenticeship programs, the official said.

Kenney will report to the provinces in the fall on the implementation of harmonization in 10 key trades over the next 18 months.

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